• Quantum resonance magnetic analyser
    Quantum resonance magnetic analyser
    A modern technology non-invasive machine that will analyze each and every organ in your body, and it's health status. This includes a full vitamin, mineral and toxin profile of your body.
  • Massage
    Therapeutic body work of muscular and deep tissue relieve. According to the patient's individualized therapeutic need; the massage may also consist of different techniques such as acupressure, etc.
  • Cranio-sacral therapy
    Cranio-sacral therapy
    A system of alternative medicine intended to relieve pain and tension by gentle manipulations of the skull regarded as harmonizing with a natural rhythm in the central nervous system.
  • Manual Lymph drainage
    Manual Lymph drainage
    A gentle manual treatment technique, designed to manipulate flow of lymphatic system in order to reduce excess fluid and water retention in the body.

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Dr Mamoloko Cathleen Mutheketela

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About Dr Mamoloko Cathleen Mutheketela (Naturopath)

From youthful playschool days her passion of the human physiology, coupled with her pleasure of interacting with nature never stopped growing. From the influence she got from her parents’ upbringing, she developed a special interest in nutrition and physical therapy (massage).  She completed her degree in Complementary and Health Science at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa in 2013. This proceeded into her successful completion of her degree in Bachelor of Complementary Medicine (Naturopathy) in 2015. 
Dr Mutheketela’s heartfelt compassion for relieving pain, discomfort and disease; led her to further acquire a certificate as a Lympoedema and Wound Care Therapist with the International Lymphedema and Wound Training Institution in 2017.